Night Ride, Cycling & Marathon
Paging all cyclists and marathoners! Whether you're looking to take on your first cycle/marathon challenge, or enjoy a great team experience, or even take part in an iconic cyclemarathon event, LAMPU 2016 has something for everyone. This will be a unique shared experience, a fun way to meet people, and a decent workout.
Tron Dance
Combining special effects of lights and dance, they perform an innovative light dance in uniforms like those on the classic science fiction movie "Tron". The show consists of spectacular displays of dance and light illusions. The clever use of the led suits make the dancers appear and disappear in a heartbeat.
Aside from the lighting festival, festivalgoers can also relax and enjoy live band performances and listen to acoustic guitar ripping out amazing and heartfelt tunes that are a bit more soothing to the ears as well as the soul. This is not something you want to miss. So get up, sing along and dance!
Fire Eater
Our fire eaters will amaze you and leave you breathless as you watch their amazing skills and Incredible Fire Displays! All of our fire dancers are skilled in the art of eating fire including tricks such as fire swallowing, fire transfers; fleshing, painting, dragons breathe, and fire balancing. Their enchanting dancing, bewitching sights, driving music and the harmony of performers and fire make this a spectacle not to be missed!
Car Light Show
Car lovers will be hypnotized by our Car Light Show where vehicles are being creatively decorated in all manner of designs, lights and colours, a definite feast for the eyes.